Cooler Heads Safety Inc.

Cooler Heads Safety has developed the world's first and only auto-detecting, auto-deploying head and face flash fire and steam protection system called the Flame Shield FX1. If you, or a loved one, wear FR coveralls to work or work around steam you need to watch this video. It could save your life!

Trade Accelerator Program

Posted by Brad Williams on August 07, 2019 . 0 Comments

Cooler Heads Safety would like to thank all the organizers, presenters and subject matter experts for their hard work and dedication in delivering this program. If your organization is looking expand outside of Canada, you need to connect with your local trade commissioner and get into this program. It is well worth the time and energy!

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A special thanks goes out to Austin Nairn from World Trade Centre Vancouver and Daryl Maduke from BDO for rocking the Flame Shield FX1 during our one on one guys looked awesome.