Cooler Heads Safety Inc.

Cooler Heads Safety has developed the world's first and only auto-detecting, auto-deploying head and face flash fire and steam protection system called the Flame Shield FX1. If you, or a loved one, wear FR coveralls to work or work around steam you need to watch this video. It could save your life!

Flame Shield FX1

The Flame Shield FX1 being worn by our model Daniel.

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The Flame Shield Model FX1 is an auto-detecting, auto-deploying head and face flash fire and steam protection system.

In its passive state the unit is worn over the shoulders, much like a pair of shoulder pads in football or hockey, but without the added bulk. The FX1 is secured with easy to attach and remove breakaway clips, just beneath the worker’s arms. The Flame Shield FX1 is designed to be worn over standard flame resistant clothing, and can be worn in all weather conditions.

The key to any safety product is to ensure its proper use by those it is intended to protect. With the Flame Shield FX1, this is easily accomplished. The system is designed to be comfortable, flexible, non-restrictive, and easy to put on and take off as required. After a short period of time, the worker may not even realize they have it on, but they will be protected.

The Flame Shield Model FX1 deploys after detecting a rise in temperature, indicating the presence of a flash fire or steam discharge. At 90 degrees Celsius, the sensors are activated, and immediately trigger a release of compressed gas. This gas initiates a rapid expansion of the protective shield.

The average duration of a flash fire episode is 3 seconds. Once the danger has passed, the wearer simply pulls down or tears away the protective shield so they can see, and make their way to a safe area.

The most important factor is that the wearer’s head and face are protected from the flash fire or steam incident and they won’t be subjected to scarring or disfiguring burns.