Cooler Heads Safety Inc.

Cooler Heads Safety has developed the world's first and only auto-detecting, auto-deploying head and face flash fire and steam protection system called the Flame Shield FX1. If you, or a loved one, wear FR coveralls to work or work around steam you need to watch this video. It could save your life!

Source Atlantic New Distributor

Posted by Brad Williams on April 24, 2019 . 0 Comments

Cooler Heads Safety is happy to announce that Source Atlantic has become the Canadian National Distributor for the Flame Shield FX1. Source Atlantic has been around since 1867, and no, that's not a 1967 typo. They are a Canadian owned and operated company and have a rich history of serving the needs of Canadian businesses since the year of our Confederation. They are headquartered in Saint John, NB with over 500 employees in 25 branches across the country and we are delighted to be working with them.